Why Should You Choose Quartz Countertops for Your Kitchen?

Why Should You Choose Quartz Countertops for Your Kitchen?

Quartz Countertops is the latest trend being used by interior designers and homeowners.

It gives a look of natural stone and has a longer durability.

Quartz has more lovers and fans as compared to natural stone countertops.

There is a vast majority of designs and patterns for every kitchen or bath. They range from traditional to modern looks and are available in different colours.

Top Reasons Why Should You Choose Quartz Countertops for Your Kitchen:

Quartz Is Easy To Clean And No Sealing Is Required:

Kitchens are the most important part of a home and it often gets dirty with food and other materials.

A white countertop in some other material may not get cleaned as easily as Quartz.

Cleanliness of Quartz countertops is of no concern.

It can easily be cleaned by detergent and warm water.

Whereas cleaning the countertops of other material can be difficult or sometimes may also require professional help.

Quartz Is Water Stain Resistant:

There are various permeable countertops on the market which are water resistant.

But it also doesn’t mean that your Quartz countertop is not resistant to water stains. Either you leave a glass of ice cold water or your child splashes the water on the countertop while washing his hands, your Quartz will still remain the same.

If you need an easy to clean countertop with a longer durability to be used in your kitchen or bath, then Canvas Quartz will surely fulfill all your demands as it is stain free and chip free.

Also, it makes your kitchen and bath look more stylish.

Various Patterns Of Quartz Are Similar To Natural Stones:

With increased technology, it has become possible to manufacture natural or realistic patterns.

The Calacatta Verona Quartz is an example for the same. It is similar to fine marble, even if looked from close.

If you want to use a material for your countertops which looks stylish along with longer durability and can be used in busy kitchens and baths, then definitely Quartz is the best choice.

You can also get the look of natural marble or stone without actually paying for it.

Not much maintenance is required if you use Quartz which also looks stylish along with giving you the look of natural stones.

Various Quartz Patterns Are Available Ranging From Traditional To Modern:

Whether you want a traditional or a modern interior for your home, Quartz has all the patterns which you can choose from that suits you the best.

Pearl Gray Quartz is a fine example which shows that how this material can be used in any design scheme.

The grey pebbles and flecks complement beautifully with stainless steel appliances in the kitchen.

If your cabinetry is refaced down to get a more modern or contemporary look, then this Quartz countertop will prove to be the most decent choice.

Quartz Is Hygienic And Sanitary:

The manufacturing techniques used to make Quartz make it a pore-less surface. This makes it prone to various bacteria, fungi and viruses.

So we can say that Quartz is one of the most hygienic and clean countertop surfaces to be used in your home.

The Mystic Gray Quartz is one such example which is stylish and hygienic as well. It is also prone to scratching and chipping.

So you may have learnt till now that why Quartz Countertops have become a popular choice among interior designers and homemakers.

All you need to do is to select your Quartz Countertops carefully and it will serve you and your kitchen for decades.

Natural Stone Outlasts a Lifetime of Trends

Trends come and go, but when you’re ready to build or remodel, take a good look at natural stone countertops. You want to invest wisely, and natural stone countertops will be the solid investment that will blend with the trends — no matter how many times you change your curtains.

Why choose natural stone? Granite, marble, quartz, onyx, and other natural materials will continue to portray your style and personality trend to trend. And if you think about it, natural stone has been the natural material of choice for millennia!

For a good introductory article, on granite in particular, read “Kitchen Counters: Granite for Incredible Longevity,” from Houzz. You’ll discover just how long your countertops will last – a lifetime. And that’s a solid investment.

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