Granite Countertops

Surfaces crafted by Mother Nature herself.

Crystalized From Magma To Become Remarkable Countertops

As old as the earth, granite is an igneous rock formed from molten lava at the earth’s core.

Cooled slowly over time under great pressure, granite becomes extremely hard and dense. The minerals comprising granite result in unique pattern movement and richness.

The natural flow and blending of colors into veins is part of the appeal of granite.

Available in a striking array of colors, granite’s durability and longevity make it ideal for kitchen countertops and other heavily used surfaces, including table tops.

Benefits of Granite Countertops


You will not find a more durable stone-based countertop than granite. It’s super tough, which means it will be difficult to stain or chip the surface of the stone. 

Resists Bacteria & Dirt

The surface of granite is non-porous. Your kitchen is less likely to to be plagued by dirt, grime, and bacteria found in some kitchens.

Natural Look

Granite is an earth-friendly material. The minerals and their variation in colors gives granite numerous natural colors and textures.

Family Friendly

Granite can take the abuse of hot pans. And you can cut your veggies on the surface without worrying about scratching it!

 5 Most Popular Granite Colors

Alaska White

Bianco Antico

Uba Tuba

Wine River

Titanium Granite

When You Choose Northwest Granite & Marble For Your Projects, expect…


   Perfectly Installed Countertops In Just 5-7 Days Instead Of Waiting Weeks

   1-Day “No Mess,  No Fuss” Service – You Get Same-Day Removal of Old Countertops & Installation of The New

   Local Showroom To See Your Slabs In Person

   High Tech Facility For Precision Cutting Without The “Trial and Error” Of Others

   15 Year Warranty Against Staining & 5 Year Limited Warranty

Find The Perfect Granite Countertop For Your Project

Escape the web of contractors, deceptive catalog samples, and risky two-guys-in-a-truck operations. Visit our indoor showroom or call our expert team at 425-242-7117

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