A beautiful granite countertop is an excellent focal piece and a fixture that will last a long time. By merging beauty with function, adding granite to your home often provides an impressive return on investment. However, with so many granite colors available on the American market, the sheer number of options can be somewhat intimidating.

When so many colors seem to go well with your kitchen, how do you know when you’ve found “the one”? Often, the choices you make about cabinets, floor color, or even hardware in your kitchen work in concert to achieve the desired result. As a general rule, you want to choose a granite color that will serve to either complement or contrast.

Dark vs. Light

Consider the current state of your room. If your kitchen is dark to begin with, choosing deep black granite could make the space feel smaller. Typically, a dark kitchen looks best with lighter granite. Frequently, our clients choose to juxtapose light island counters with dark surrounding countertops. However, in rooms with large windows and ample sunlight, a dark countertop can be more easily pulled off. Of course, dark countertops are elegant, subtle, and provide a timeless look regardless of the room.

Light countertops work particularly well if you have white or light-colored tiles on the floor in your kitchen, bathroom, or bar area. A light countertop can produce a very welcoming feel and support a variety of looks ranging from super rustic to modern.

Choosing the Complexity

After you’ve decided on dark or light, you’ll need to choose if you want a granite that has movement or “veining” in it, or if you prefer a more consistent look. Consider your flooring–if it’s already busy, it may be best to choose a more subtle pattern so the two surfaces don’t compete. Also, keep in mind the amount of space the granite will cover. A pattern will be much more striking on a large section; in a smaller space, choosing a granite with a lot of movement may make the room feel even tighter.

Other Perfect Pairings

Medium brown cabinets often pair well with beige, white, or gray-colored granite.

Dark brown cabinets match well with green-colored granites such as Black Pearl, or can provide a stunning contrast when paired with a brilliant white such as Mistery White or Colonial White.

Cherry-stained cabinets have red undertones, so go well with Super White or a color that is simple and contrasts with the darker wood.

If you have medium to light cabinets, many people choose to contrast the cabinets with a brighter color such as Caledonia. Or, a trend that’s really taken off is the seamless look of white on white. Consider pairing white granite with modern appliances for a contemporary look; or, use vintage appliances to create a more traditional kitchen.

Selecting a granite color that works well in your home can be a difficult decision–but by taking your cabinets, flooring, and hardware into consideration, you’ll be one step closer to making the right choice for your space.

The team at NW Granite & Marble is always ready to help you with anything from selecting the right granite color to redesigning your entire kitchen. Get in touch to schedule your free consultation today.

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