Quartzite Countertops

Luxurious feel with incredible veining and beautiful colors.

Quartzites magnificent personality was created over millions of years by the silent laboring of the pressure exerted by the Earth. Quartzites durability, easy maintenance, and exquisite beauty makes it a perfect choice for your countertop needs.

The beauty of Quartzite is only one of its many qualities. This striking Natural Stone emerges after millions of years of earthly laboring, displaying on its surface the gorgeous veining generated by the pressure and heat of the Earth on the sandstone that lies at its origins.

Always surprising crisscrossing seams; backgrounds that appear to emulate a starry sky; soft gradient tones that relate it to marble… Quartzite deploys a world of sensations that will fill kitchens, bathrooms and countertops with power, hardness and personality.

6 Most Popular Quartzite Colors

Taj Mahal

White Macaubas

Luce Di Luna


Mont Blanc


Benefits of Quartzite

Heat Resistant

Can withstand high temperatures so you can put hot pots and pans on the surface.

Wear & Tear Resistant

Quartzite measures at 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness which means its tough. Everyday use will not chip the surface.

Does Not Etching

Unlike marble, Quartzite does not etch from acids like lemon, juice or vinegar.

Low Maintenance

Easy to keep clean and sanitized.  No need to buy expensive cleaners. Soap and water will keep the surface looking fantastic.

Looks Like Marble

Quartzite allows you to get the look of marble but with greater durability.

UV Resistant

The surface’s color will never fade in a lifetime. It will keep its color like on the first day. It’s great for outdoors or rooms that receive a lot of light.

When You Choose Northwest Granite & Marble, expect…

     Perfectly Installed Countertops In Just 5-7 Days Instead Of Waiting Weeks

     1-Day “No Mess,  No Fuss” Service – You Get Same-Day Removal of Old Countertops & Installation of The New

     Local Showroom To See Your Slabs In Person

    High Tech Facility For Precision Cutting Without The “Trial and Error” Of Others

     15 Year Warranty Against Staining & 5 Year Limited Warranty

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