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With thousands of choices for your kitchen countertops, it can be overwhelming to even start.

But there’s great news! There is a quartzite countertop that captures the imagination and hearts of many homeowners.

Fantasy Brown is an absolutely stunning countertop that is timeless and will last for many years.

Cool gray waves and smooth swirls tumbling diagonally across the slab, stunning mineral formations, and the faintest hues of green and rose make this a truly unique stone.

Fantasy Brown is a great choice for homeowners who like the look of marble but want the durability of quartzite.

What kitchen styles work best with Fantasy Brown?

The neutral palette of Fantasy Brown Marble makes it easily adaptable to a wide range of styles, from traditional to contemporary.

Edge profile can make all the difference to highlighting the unique characteristics of this countertop.

For example, use laminated edge or eased edge for a contemporary look. For a traditional kitchen, use the ogee edge. Keep in mind, the custom edges such as laminated and ogee edges require custom work and increase your final bill.

What Cabinets Match Fantasy Brown?

Fantasy Brown complements quite a few different colors and styles including white, black, gray, cream, espresso, cherry, and maple.


Fantasy Brown is a top seller and for a good reason– it’s a stunning and unique design that adds character to your kitchen.

Visit our showroom to see full-size Fantasy Brown slabs. We offer digital vein-matching so that you can see how your kitchen countertops will look like before they are installed.